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A Pyromaniacal Loser

...What did you expect?

Cat Spectacular
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Have You Taken the Oath?

About me: I'm a hardcore amateur cosplayer (amateur as in "not been doing it long", not as in "bought my costume on eBay) who goes to extreme lengths to be epic. Based on fan reactions, I do SOMETHING right. The name of this account comes from the fact that I cosplay both Ed and Roy (mostly Roy. I'm known as "THAT Roy"). ...I'm THAT much of a dork. And in case you're wondering...

Also an aspiring artist. I do a little of everything.

Huge on fandom. No life (AMVs, cosplay, fanfics, fanart, doujinshi...) . Hopelessly pairing-tarded for Hughes and Roy. Like, ridiculously. It's kind of scary. Surprisingly, and while you'd never guess it, I do respect the series as an art form, appreciate the dynamics of the characters and their non-gay interaction, and am absolutely in love with the concepts and ideas portrayed far more than I am a hysterical fangirl. ...You'd never guess, rite?

I'm also a complete fucking retard with no social awareness. Hey, I'm honest. But I'm very friendly. Just in an annoying, "I-have-no-idea-how-to-communicate" kind of way. That's a lot better than NOT being a nice person, IMO. >O!

I also actually like writing bios. Because I like to talk. Instead of just leaving a couple lines of sarcasm and being cool and mysterious and awesome like that.

...Mostly, you should just get to know me. Then you can tell me what YOU think of me, kay?

Hughes x Roy is hawt, smexy Love
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