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I've neglected LJ. >__>;; I'm very sorry to all my LJ-followers. <3

I also updated my fanfic. Will get around to comm-posting and such... Eh, later. =P

Happy New Year and happy BLUE MOON, everyone! =D

And Lina... Do you still want a card from me? XDD

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I think I am spending more on Christmas presents for other people than everyone combined is spending on me.

...And I claim to be "budgeting" this year.


Does anyone on here want a card from me? I have quite a list going on dA. C:

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I've missed you, Mustang. It's so nice having you back. I was worried I'd lost you for a while there, but I suppose you're just too stubborn for that, eh, Roy-muse?

Anime!Roy is so easy to write, too. He's not as much of a crazy motherfucker. ...Which is sad. I feel like anime Roy is the type to break down and cry when he loses his mind, whereas manga!Roy breaks down and BLOWS SHIT UP.

Breakdowns in FMA fanfiction are so BORING. There's just a lot of crying and angst. I like it when shit BLOWS UP. I think anime!Roy will have to have his personality tweaked. >D Muahaha. No whining for you. You whine, I swear to god I will TAKE THIS 5 POUND LOLIPOP AND SHOVE IT-

...Anyways, yeah. NaNoRiMo has started off well. =D REALLY well. I've been re-watching the FMA anime (first one), and it's so nostalgic. I think I am going to be buried in my uniform. T_T

The first part of this shit has me tweaking things so Mr. Fuhrer is all LOL I am going to go to the North and kill Mustang myself instead of stay home like an idiot because I have too much pride to let my men take care of it MOVE OUTTA DA WAY HAKURO. And Roy's like "OHSHIT HAVOC D: Uhm, he's gonna die, isn't he? >_>;; ...Crap. Well, fuck my life. :'D Guess I'll go chase Bradley down anyways and kick his ass anyways!" And meanwhile Ed n Al are like "LOL WUT" and Dante is all "LOL" and Al's like "Uhm, dude? I get the feeling I'mma die one way or another here, so..."

All this leads to Hughesmunculus, yus. >D;; YOU SHALL SEEEEEEE. OMG, I'm so excited!

I know I have a few Death Note-y followers, but I need more now that I'm actually bi-fandom. =P I've been having a shitton of fun being one of like 5 good L cosplayers with one of 5 good Light cosplayers cuffed to me. Seriously, I already had similar jeans and a long white shirt. And Light has my old pants, a wig I attacked, shoes he already had, Roy's white dress shirt, and a jacket I gave him forever ago. AWESOME. I even already had a long chain and handcuffs. FATE, I tell you. And we look freakin' HOT.

uh, yeah. No one cares, so I'mma run, kay?


Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my dvds. Leave your requests--can be more than one, I don't care--as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the next post.

So far:

ALL of my pets (minus Hughes ;)):

Favorite Undies (it was a two-way tie):

Tits (I do not have tits, so I put two coconut halves in my wife beater):

The inside of my fridge:

A few of my favorite shoes/boots (the others were downstairs... My Roy cosplay boots, my running sneakers, and my pink canvas Demonia boots are not pictured, and these are just my FAVORITES):
Ishbal Hughes Roy

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I've been abandoning LJ.

Or has LJ been abandoning me?


...In other news, I'm SO BORED that I'm translating anime songs. Anyone ever notice that the kanji for "ningen", "kagami", "ashita", "hikari", "kokoro", "ame", and "sora" are the first kanji you memorize when translating songs? =P I wonder if Japanese translating English songs notice the words "human", "mirror", "tomorrow", "light", "heart", "rain", and "sky" before any others, or if the Japanese are just SERIOUSLY unoriginal. Errr... excuse me, "cultured". =P


Ordered the first Brotherhood OST. I think this will be the first time I've managed to find it NOT bootlegged. I'd rather not pay for pirated music, since I could just go pirate it on my own. =P Except I wouldn't ever pirate ANYTHING, so we wait for it to come in. C:

YesAsia = god. =D